Pilot Plant UHT Heat Exchanger

  • Flow rate of 50 to 200 Ltr per hour.
  • Designed for continuous heat treatment.
  • Meaningful and repeatable results.
  • Small batch sizes.
  • Variable flowrate.
  • Minimum 50 LPH, Maximum 200 LPH.

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Pilot Plant UHT Heat Exchanger

Powerpoint International Ltd




Powerpoint International Ltd

We supply a full range of Tubular and Plate UHT/HTST models for a wide variety of products with holding tubes manufactured to any time that our customers require. Our range starts from thesimple Mini UHT: 10 to 20  litre per hour, the Econo-Lab series: 20 to 60 litre per hour, through to the bigger machines at up to 200 litre per hour for Pilot Plant. Larger production UHT Heat Exchangers which start as small as 500 litre per hour. All are available with either Plates, Tubes or Scraped Surface models. The small range up to 100 litre per hour does not require any steam, they are very compact and all contained in a mobile stainless steel cabinet for easy moving.

If it’s Juice, Milk. Soy Milk, Soups, Sauces, Custards etc that you want to process, either laboratory scale, pilot scale or process scale, we have the machines to suit. Just click on the applications button for a full range of examples which we have supplied machines for.

Built in CIP (Clean In Place) which is standard on all machines means you never need to connect separate tanks and pumps. Our CIP flow rate meets the industry standard of a minimum of 1.5 meters per second velocity.

SIP (Sterilise In Place) which is standard on all machines for Aseptic version means shelf life tests can be carried out when connected to our Class 100 Clean Bench and Buffer Tank to ensure the product never enters the outside atmosphere.

Pilot Plant Heat Exchanger

  • Flow rate of 50 to 200 Ltr per hour.
  • Designed for continuous heat treatment.
  • Meaningful and repeatable results.
  • Small batch sizes.
  • Variable flowrate.
  • Minimum 50 LPH, Maximum 200 LPH.
  • Holding tubes of any time.
  • Homogenisation upstream or downstream.
  • Fully mobile unit.
  • Built in CIP.
  • CIP flows minimum 1.5 mtr per second
  • SIP optional
  • System pressure maximum 10 Bar.
  • Hot fill or cold fill.
  • Maximum temperature 150 Deg C.
  • Built in chiller option.
  • Simple operation and easy set up.
  • Requires power, steam, water, air.
  • Computer interface and software for realtime monitoring and data storage option.
  • Individual corrugated tubes.
  • Positive displacement pump.
  • Conforms to latest safety standards and carries the CE mark.

Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Individual tubes are utilised to give a wide variety of heating and cooling duties. All tubes are our own corrugated design profile to give added heat transfer area and a degree of turbulence to the product at the lower flow rates.
  • Options for inner tube diameter (process side) of 8 mm or 14 mm.
  • A Tube only system which allows a wide variety of products that can be processed.
  • Requires a very small sample volume so many tests can be conducted in one day.
  • In line Homogeniser can be added, either upstream or downstream. Additional benefit is the Clean Bench option for Aseptic sampling. Temperatures can be set to a maximum of 150 Deg C, with flow rates from 50 to 200 litre per hour. All heating temperatures are controlled by PLC, and can be set at any set point for accurate and precise heating. PLC and Touch Screen are standard features.
  • Cooling is available in 2 stages, room temperature or 5 Deg C by using the built in chiller, available as option. Holding tubes are manufactured individually, so holding times of any length are available. All machines are manufactured to meet customers specific requirements giving full flexibility. Data logging with real time chart recorder. Data capture to PC as option. Only hygienic valves and fittings are used on the product side. All contact surfaces are FDA approved material.


  • All machines have built in CIP as standard.


  • Different pump options for different processes
  • Highly accurate electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Additional heating units
  • Refrigerated cooling
  • Regeneration sections
  • Any holding time
  • Additional heating section and protein hold
  • Additional cooling sections
  • Clean Bench
  • Homogeniser
  • Different frame sizes to suit your working space

Technical Information

  • Electrical power 200v, 3 phase. 380v, 3 phase, 415v, 3 phase. Other voltages available by request. 50/60 Hz
  • Amperage dependant on number of heating and cooling units.
  • Air supply of 6 bar minimum, 7 bar maximum. Main water supply minimum 1000 litre per hour, 2 bar.


  • Minimum 180 cm wide x 110 cm deep x 170 cm high.
  • Dimensions will be specified with each machine dependent on flowrate, number of heating and cooling units etc.

Powerpoint International Ltd (Japan)


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