Thermolab Stability Chamber

  • Float switch to cutoff the mains supply in case of low water level in the reservoir tank.
  • Safety Thermostat in evaporation tray to cut off heater supply in case of low water level.
  • Dedicated safety controller with separate sensor to cut off the supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of Temperature giving audio visual alarm.
  • Additional safety thermostat to cut off the supply in case of overshoot of temperature.
  • 2 min. compressors ‘ON’ delay timer to safe guard the compressor

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Brand: Thermolab – India


(PID Controller based)

Thermolab Stability Chambers are developed as a result of intensive Research and Development along with 45 years of experience involved in carrying out Stability Test and Shelf Life Test on drug and drug substances.The chambers are designed according to the ICH guidelines Q1 A (R2), WHO, MCA and USFDA requirements. They are superior in Air Flow Distribution, Temperature and Humidity Recovery, Controlled Technology, Cabinet Construction and are known for its Accuracy, Uniformity, Reliability and Economy. The chambers are manufactured as per the cGMP Regulations and designed to give low electrical and water consumptions

Low Energy And Low Water Consumption Chambers

  • Constructed and fabricated on fully automatic CNC machines thereby giving consistency in performance and an aesthetic look
  • Elegant ABS moulded control panel. 
  • PUF insulation on fully automatic machine leaving no gaps and with sleek body design. 
  • Chambers are provided with effective air circulation system, refrigeration system, humidity system, full view observation glass door, chamber illumination and stainless steel perforated trays. 
  • Stand by refrigeration system and stand by humidity system is provided (as an optional feature as a redundancy)

Control Features

  • Microprocessor-based PID controller with auto tuning for accurate control of temperature and humidity conditions and printer interface facility to store data and to print it directly on a printer with variable print time interval. 
  • Direct % RH electronic capacitor type humidity sensor. 
  • A multiple point (4+4) temperature and humidity scanner with printer interface and PC interface facility for online mapping purpose.
  • A PLC system for an auto changeover of standby systems and other event logging and monitoring purpose. 
  • GSM mobile alert module to give malfunction SMS on three cell phones simultaneously. 
  • Door Access Security System with smart cards / bio-metrics and software to authorize and to monitor door accessibility. 
  • Alternatively a Advance PLC system with touch screen display with all the above features incorporated. Network connectivity via Ethernet for web based online remote monitoring. 
  • Utility management system provided for continuous machines operations and cross checks.

Safety Features

  • Chambers are provided with safety cut offs and alarms at centrally located places including one at the security gate.
  • Dedicated Safety system to shut off the humidity system and chamber shut down in case of overshoot or undershoot of temperature or humidity with audio visual alarm.
  • Thermostatic safety system is provided as an additional safety feature.
  • Low water level cut off for humidity system.
  • Door open alarm. 
  • All the alarms and events are logged in the software

Technical Data

  • Standard Model(S): Inside S.S.304 with mirror polish & outside mild steel powder coated.
  • GMP Model(G): Inside S.S. 316 with mirror polish & outside with SS 304 matt buff.
  • Temp. Range /Accu.: 20°C to 60°C /± 0.2°C. 
  • Temp Uniformity : ± 2°C. 
  • Humidity Range/Accu.: 40% to 95 % RH /± 2% RH. 
  • Humidity Uniformity : ± 3% RH





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