Kjeldahl Analyzer System

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings innovation to a 100-years old reference method.

  • Improved accuracy with unique Predictive Titration
  • Improved workflow with the user in the driving seat, having both Wireless communication and Easy integration into other systems
  • Secured analytical accuracy by providing Performance Tracking systems,
    Maintenance program and state-of-the-art safety systems

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Kjeldahl Analyzer System – KjelROC Analyzer

Model: KjelROC Analyzer

Brand: Opsis Liquidline – Sweden

Fully automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition, colorimetric titration and fully complies to standards issued by organisations such as AOAC, IDF and ISO.




Why KjelROC Analyzer?

Our KjelROC range of analyzers offers innovative, precise and cost efficient solutions for Distillation, Titration and determination of protein according to the Kjeldahl method. Unique Preditive Titration, patent pending, gives several advantages in the lab.

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings innovation to a 100-years old reference method.

  • Improved accuracy with unique Predictive Titration
  • Improved workflow with the user in the driving seat, having both Wireless communication and Easy integration into other systems
  • Secured analytical accuracy by providing Performance Tracking systems,
    Maintenance program and state-of-the-art safety systems


Increase Efficiency. Reduce Costs

  • The possibility to send and receive results without additional software, computers and cables, significantly reduces the integration and IT costs.
  • Process data files directly in the KjelROC Analyzer. This reduces costs when integrating with your LIMS or other systems.   

Improved Analytical Results

  • The OPSIS LiquidLINE Predictive Titration lowers the Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) and increases flexibility with different indicators.
  • Large, refillable Burette saves time and costs when moving between high and low content protein.
  • Performance Tracking saves time when following the instrument performance over time.
  • The unique predicive titration system lowers the RSD.
    The 50 ml burette with automatic refill makes it easy to change between high and low protein analysis.
  • Prepared for ISO 17025 and GLP features, reduce time and costs when integrating the instrument into the Lab procedures.
  • Component lifetime and maintenance costs are optimized with the help of OPSIS component traceability program. It allows easy diagnostics and follow-up of both instruments and components.  

Adaptive Workflow

  • The KjelROC Analyzer is fully flexible to adapt to your existing lab procedures or you can use our ready to use programs. You are always in control with our customizable touch screen, where you can define your own workflow.
  • With our adaptive workflow you are always in control, for example handling express samples with no previous weight entry, weight entry via touch screen or weight entry from an external device. Any combination is possible.
  • Customizable touch screen to define your own workflow. For example, you can personalize settings for results types, methods or analysis sequence to simplify your daily routine. Your dedicated buttons for operation are accessible directly at start-up.
  • The KjelROC offers different access levels and menus according to GLP requirements. A dedicated menu allows the Lab manager to further control settings of the instrument such as Burette test, Titration End-points, Factory defaults and Time&Date.
  • An extensive set-up of User Protection safety systems is included in the KjelROC. Sensors will, for example, detect if tube is missing or if protection door is open. Automatic Tube Draining eliminates the need for handling hot reagents after distillation. Several other systems are also monitoring the operator activities.

High Precision Titration System

  • The KjelROC is designed for colorimetric titration and fully complies to standards issued by organisations such as AOAC, IDF and ISO. A unique Titration system, OPSIS LiquidLINE Predictive Titration*, lowers rsd which directly transforms to more precise results. A large burette with automatic refill during analysis will also secure a wide analysis range.
  • OPSIS LiquidLINE unique Predictive Titration* lowers rsd and simplifies the use of different indicators
  • The unique Predictive Titration* allows for automatic refill during analysis without affecting the precision
  • 50 ml Burette and refill secures a wide analysis range and lowers the analysis time
  • Burette with a resolution of 1.95 μl/step gives unmatched precision
  • Easy exchangeable Glass Splashead minimizes carry-over effects PTFE tubes limits air bubbles

    Flexible Wireless Communication

  • Open file protocols decrease integration costs and the use of a flexible data format allows transfer to different computer systems. The KjelROC data format is open to be read by any text editor, database or spreadsheet. Easy exchange with Wireless technology (WiFi) and standard File Transfer Protocol (ftp) reduces integration costs, no expensive investments in cables or dedicated software.
  • Transfer to and from laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones – basically any device that have an WiFi client. Offers unique flexibility to integrate the instrument into the Lab at low cost.
  • Transfer .csv formatted data directly to instrument, even directly from a computer connected to a balance. The KjelROC is using a well-documented and open
    exchange format that can be adapted to your own needs which saves integration costs.
  • Add your own tags and information to transmitted data. Having your own Lab ID tags included into data files is no problem and of course everything is traceable – from weight entry to final result.
  • Easily import your data into spreadsheets, word programs or databases. Sample macro scripts to automatically send and retrieve data to and from a spreadsheet is supplied together with the instrument, making it easy to adapt the instrument to your needs.

    ISO 17025 Prepared

  • Traceability of data files, QR component codes and user access levels make it easy to implement ISO 17025. OPSIS LiquidLINE Performance tracking system warns if analysis results changes over time.
  • OPSIS LiquidLINE Performance Tracking is a system to secure analysis results over time. Using a standard reagent solution, with known nitrogen content, it is
    possible to follow and document performance over time. All results are stored in a separate log-files and can easily be transferred wirelessly to a PC.
  • OPSIS Component traceability program allows tracking of components. It is also possible for a service engineer to retrieve lifetime status of main components.
  • The User ID is included in weight entry and analysis log file to ensure traceable events. Data remains intact, and traceable, from PC to instrument and back
  • Dedicated Managers menu to perform QC operations such as Burette test.


OPSIS LiquidLINE offers instruments and products for the most common applications in the laboratory, from feed, food, beverages applications to environmental applications. Additionally, the instruments are well suited for several applications in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries.


  • The Kjeldahl method is used worldwide as the standard for analyzing protein content in food, feed, feed ingredients and beverages. Typical analyses are protein in corn, barley wheat, seeds and protein in milk, beer, cookies, sausage, meat and flour.

Kjeldahl Digestion

  • In the Kjeldahl method the sample is boiled in sulphuric acid together with salt and catalyst. This very reactive and corrosive mixture puts high demands on the materials used. Also a well designed fume removal system is necessary to avoid damages on the laboratory inventories. An Exhaust together with a Scrubber is often the solution for this.

Kjeldahl Analysis

  • Analyses where it is important to perform the titration simultaneously with the distillation e.g. Kjeldahl put high demands on the titration system. The colorimetric detection of the end point is often the only possibility. Even tougher it becomes if the Nitrogen level varies a lot from sample to sample, then the unique Predictive Titration System improves the function.

OPSIS LiquidLINE offers a complete arrange of products for Protein determination according to the Kjeldahl method

OPSIS LiquidLINE provides analytical solutions for Laboratories working in different industries such as Agricultural, Feed, Food, Beverages, Dairy, Industrial and Environmental. Analytical Wet Chemistry, as an example, is the reference method for Protein and Fat determinations in the Agricultural, Feed and Food industry. Nitrogen determination and hot solvent extractions are required in environmental laboratories when analysing fertilisers and detecting toxins.
At OPSIS LiquidLINE we do not only provide instruments but our mission is to help your laboratory to become more efficient and precise in these analytical tasks. We provide you with solutions.

Our wet chemistry laboratory in Sweden can assist you with your application challenges. We can optimize your applications, we can verify your samples and we can assist when developing new applications. Currently we provide solutions for Beverages, Agricultural, Feed, Food, Dairy, Environmental, Water and Waste business.



  • OPSIS LiquidLINE provides solutions for Analytical Laboratories working with Farms and Feed producers. Examples are Flour producers, Mills, Agricultural producers and Farms, Fruit and Nut farms, Oils and Syrups producers and Tobacco farmers. Protein measurements are common but also other analyses such as Fat determination and extraction of Oil.
  • Agricultural: Our solutions for Farmers and Agricultural production: Determination of protein in grain, oats, barley, wheat, sugars, syrups, straw, plants and forage. Protein in cottonseed, cottonseed meals, ground cake or pellets from cottonseed. Total and Crude Fat in Corn, Maize, Rice, Peas and Wheat, Durum, Rye, Barley and Oats. Fat in Soy Flour, Feeds, and Mixed Feeds. Extraction of Oil in Cereal Adjuncts.
  • Feed: Our solutions for producers of Animal and Fish Feed: Determination of protein in animal feed stuff, forage (plant tissue), grain, oilseeds, pet food and protein in residues from other production processes. Total and Crude fat in Cattle-, Cat-, Dog-, Horse-, Chicken-, Rabbit- and Pig feed. Fat in cereal grains, forages and in fish meals. Extraction of oil from distilled grains waste.
  • Flour and Milling: Solutions for Mills and producers of Flour: Determination of protein in flour, starch, starch derived products, molasses, soybean meal and other oil-seed byproducts. Crude or Total fat in wheat flour, corn flour and soy flour. Fat in feeds and mixed feeds.



Analytical Laboratories working with Wine, Beer, spirits and other beverages can reduce their costs and increase their precision with OPSIS LiquidLINE solutions. Beverages industries can be Malt and Beer producers, Wineries, Cider producers, Juice factories, Tea and Coffee plantations, Whiskey, Cognac, and other spirits producers. In all these industries there is need for precise and accurate analysis. The results will affect both quality and quantity of the final product.



Wet Chemistry Laboratories working in Food industries requires efficient methods for measurement of Protein and Fat. OPSIS LiquidLINE can provide innovative solutions for analyses in Dressings, Mustards, Chocolate, Bakery, Pasta, Chicken, Eggs, Meat and other processed food.

Meat: Solutions for laboratories working with Meat and meat related products: Protein in hamburgers, beef, meat, dried meat, sausages and meat products. Total and Crude Fat in Meat and Meat products. Indication of the amount of collagen in meat by measuring Hydroxyproline. Total SO2 in meat and sausages.

Fish: Solutions for laboratories working with Fish and fish related products: Protein in seafood, fishmeal, fish and other marine products, Crude Fat in fish meal, TVB-N in fish and Total Fat in smoked trout, surimi and fish meal.

Food: Solutions for other laboratories working with Food: Protein in cereals, sauces, pulses, jams and ready-made food. Total Fat in cereals, cereal products, potato chips and ready-made food. Crude Fat in cereal products, potato chips and ready-made food.




Opsis LiquidLine KjelROC Analyzer


Analysis Performance

  • The Analyzer system shall be fully compliant with the Kjeldahl method and shall consist of a distillation unit as well as integrated Titration. All parts shall be inside the instrument.
  • The system shall use colorimetric Titration
  • It shall be possible to dose up to 50 ml titrant without refill of Burette
  • The system shall have a high precision Burette with less than 2μl/ step
  • The Recovery of the system shall be above 99.5%
  • The system shall give correct results with a small deviation. 0.75% rsd or less variation on results are required.
  • The Kjeldahl system shall be able to run analysis between 0.1-225 mgN.
  • The Kjeldahl system shall be easily adaptive and capable of analyzing from 10-225 mgN without exchange of Titrant solution or Burette.
  • The instrument shall be delivered with a Verification Test document that certifies that instrument has been performance tested in factory (confirming analysis performance)


  • The System shall have adjustable steam output from 10 to 100%
  • The system shall have an automatic tube drain function
  • The system shall have an “auto blank” feature, i.e., it shall be possible to run several blanks in a row without user intervention or exchange of tubes
  • The system shall have an automatic cleaning function
  • It shall be possible to define several access levels for operators. Including specific and hidden menus for adjustment of the instrument
  • The instrument shall have full security, i.e. Protection door warning so that no Alkali or Steam can reach lab personnel
  • The system shall have a 7” 800 x 480 color Touch screen as a minimum
  • It shall be possible with local language in the menus.
  • Major electrical components shall be marked with a QR code containing component number and with traceability information

Data Handling

  • It shall be possible to retrieve data in mobile devices and on standard laptops in the lab without any cables (Wireless required)
  • It shall be possible to send weights and retrieve results wireless without any additional software (all necessary software shall be included)
  • If there is any software included together with the instrument then the source code shall be delivered free of charge (further modifications of code shall be possible for the lab)
  • The instrument shall have full Traceability of data

Specifications and Order Infomations:

Data Sheets for Download:

LP1001 KjelROC Analyzer



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