miniTOC Online TOC Analyser

  • Online TOC control sensor for pure water systems using high efficient „direct surface“ oxidation with inline conductivity measurement.

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MiniTOC Online TOC Analyser

Brand: Membrapure – Germany


Total organic carbon (TOC) is the amount of carbon found in an organic compound and is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality or cleanliness of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

TOC analysis of Ultra Pure Water in pharmaceutical industry and power plants as well as waste water from production sides – we provide the appropriate instrument for the determination of your TOC.
Both units use UV radiation as oxidation  method. The miniTOC instrument uses conductivity measurement. In the uniTOC NDIR detection is used for TOC determination. Both detection methods have their respective advantages. The miniTOC is more convenient for pure and ultrapure water (conductivity>2µS/cm), while the uniTOC unit offers a wider application spectrum.

MiniTOC Online TOC Analyser

  • online TOC control sensor for pure water systems using high efficient „direct surface“ oxidation with inline conductivity measurement.


  • Control: internal PC, 8“ TFT touch monitor
  • Operating system: Windows XP embedded
  • Software: minitoc control software for measurement, qualification,diagnosis
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0
  • Analysis method: UV oxidation (partial); Conductivity (difference)
  • Detection limit: 0,5 ppb
  • Detection accuracy: 0,5 ppb / 1%, whatever is greater
  • Detection range: 0,5 – 1000 ppb
  • Sample port 1 SST ports 1 (basic version) or 3 (Pro version)
  • Max. conductivity of sample: < 2 µS/cm
  • Sample volume flow: 7 ml/min
  • Analysis time: 2 sec
  • Sample temperature: 10 – 50 0 C


  • Dimensions: 250 mm x 180 mm x 500 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg

Operating conditions

  • Power supply :110 – 230 VAC, 50 Hz or external 12 V power package for portable use (option)
  • Ambient relative humidity: 10-95 %

membraPure’s Products Training

MiniTOC sensor – online TOC control

The miniTOC instrument uses the classical flow through concept for TOC online control. The efficient UV oxidation of organic compounds by „direct surface principle” in combination with conductivity detection guarantees the high precision of the measured values.

The automized functions of SST and calibration allow a high standard of safety and minimized operation costs in controlling the water.

Operation control is achieved on the basis of WINDOWS XP embedded software and through a TFT touch screen.

It is an easy to use system which brings quality control at an affordable level to your lab. The miniTOC is a valuable accessory for all ultra pure water systems.

MiniTOC can also be ordered with interval measuring. With that option up to 3 measuring points or loops can be controlled online with only 1 system. The interval can be configurated by the client.


Calibration can be done by the user himself. For calibration of the miniTOC instrument the online control mode has to be stopped and the calibration is performed.

The operator has to connect the inlet with the calibration standard solution and the diluting water sample. The programmable procedure of the calibration steps will be performed automatically.

The statistical evaluation of the measurements and the corresponding calibration parameters will be shown on the screen (plausibility test).

System Suitability Test – SST

The verification of the TOC results according to requirements of USP and Ph.Eur are realized by the periodical performance of the System Suitability Test. The software of the miniTOC instrument enables the user to do SST by himself by using the automatic procedure and data evaluation of the test.

MiniTOC advantages

  • Quick reaction time
  • Continous measurement
  • High efficient oxidation using long lasting UV lamp
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Up to 3 loops can be controlled online
  • Easy to realize SST
  • Viewer – all data is saved and can be checked again


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