QC-506M2F Universal materials testing machine – Tensile Testing

Universal materials testing machine 
Confirm to ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 , ASTM D-76, DIN5122 , JIS B7721/B7733 , EN 1002-2, BS1610,GB T228 Standard

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QC – 506M2F Universal materials testing machine

Tensile Testing Machine

Loadcell: 20 KN


  • Confirm to ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 , ASTM D-76, DIN5122 , JIS B7721/B7733 , EN 1002-2, BS1610,GB T228 Standard.
  • The table type has large test space and long stroke.
  • Multiple model of width can satisfy large specimen test requirement.
  • The maximum test capacity is 20 kN with high precision, low noise and maintenance-free of servo drive system.
  • Maintenance-free transmission mechanism to reduce machine maintenance problems and in the same time it provides a quiet test environment and high-precision test results.
  • Support precision jog wheel can befine tuning machine movement, with precision positioning and accurate calibration to increase test accuracy.
  • High-speed signal feedback mechanism can reduce the chance of machine overload.
  • The reserved external signal can be connected to an external signal source, increasing machine control mode.
  • Industry: Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Textile, Metal, Wood, Tape, Electron, Package, Medical, Architecture



Model QC-506M2F QC-506M2F extended
Max. Capacity 20kN (2000 Kgf)
Units Force: gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI), ton(long), tonf(short)

Pressure: Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg

Force Resolution 31 bits
Force Precision 1/100,000
Test stroke(w/o grip) 800mm 1200mm
Stroke resolution 0.0001 mm
Space between columns 425 mm (550mm, 680mm, 800mm optional)
Speed range 0.0002 ~ 830 mm/min adjustable(Set up by computerized)
Speed accuracy High speed mode
0.05 ~ 830 mm/min
Low speed mode
0.0002~3 mm/min
PC-Port RJ45(TCP/IP)(Connect software optional)
Data sampling rate 1200Hz (Max.)
Hardware safety protection upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop button
Motor type Servo Motor
Stiffness Slop 1585kgf/mm
Feature ※Automatic reading of load cell feature information
※Automatic reading ofdisplacement sensor feature information
※force display, displacement display, time display, stress display and strain display
※External analog input (2-channel simultaneous reading of voltage or current)
※Test force automatically zero
※Test force self-defined calibration
※Break detection
※Automatic return
※Force overload protection
Power Supply Single phase 200V-240 V, 5A
Dimension of Machine 95 x 58 x 151 cm 95 x 58 x 190 cm
Weight of Machine 145kg 170kg


Software Functions:

  • Data sample rate faster can be set up to 1200 Hz
  • Operation method:Full-computerized control to run the test or Jog button control
  • Compatible with Window 7 / 8 system
  • Software has multi-languages.
  • Interface for TCP / IP
  • Multi-curves display and real-time plot 
  • Various units of measurement are available
  • Flexible form to manage database.
  • Free to name the data file.
  • Testing screen is selective to display data, graph at the same time.
  • Data processing: file saving, setting loading, report printing and data comparing.
  • Graph display: strain v.s. elongation, strain v.s. time and so on.
  • Tensile test, compression test, bending test, peel test…
  • Software protection: Overload, over -displacement ,over-time protection
  • Variety of test actions, ex.reciprocation, creep, hold tensile (compression), test pause, slip test, etc.
  • Modularization of specimen setting, providing easy to set specimen.
  • Modularization of test conditions to reduce artificial settingnegligence and error.
  • Key data capture, can set the upper and lower limits of test data specifications
  • Support multiple sets of I / O signals, increase testing mechanism

Grip & Load Cell

Each test will require different test grips and accessories for the plastics, metal, biomedical, composite, elastomer, component, automotive, aerospace, textile and other applications industries.

  • Tensile grip
  • Compression grip
  • Bending grip
  • Peeling / Tearing grip
  • Film friction grip
  • Load cell



  • Adopted with 7- inch of TFT Color touch screen
  • Chinese, English, Japanese, Three different languages can be selected. 
  • Data Display: Force, Stress, Torque, Displacement, Time
  • Test setting, can set test speed, test direction, automatic position return, breaking point machine stop.
  • Data analysis, can read the maximum force, internal force, breaking point force and so on.
  • Can be stand-alone calibration.
  • Various machine shutdown conditions setting (force, displacement, time, elongation).
  • Can be restored to the original factory state.
  • Unit selection can be Metric unit, Imperial units
  • Over-travel, overload protection and overtime machine stop
  • Can store up to 50 data, USB storage data function.
  • Support multiple sets of signal sources.


  • QC-557 Short extensometer  which is applied in under 50% of elongation test.
  • QC-515 Long extensometer  which is applied in over 20% of elongation test.



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