Viscosity Fungilab Viscolead Pro Viscometer

Programmable viscometer that allows ramp and multistep experiments.

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Fungilab Viscolead Pro Viscometer

 Professional and Accurate viscosity results.

Customize your measurement

Fungilab Quality + Low Budget = Viscolead Series

Programmable viscometer that allows ramp and multistep experiments.

  • Pro Series

        Professional and Accurate viscosity results. Customize your measurement.


Languages options

  • English / French / German / Catalan / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Dutch / Portuguese

Program features 

  • Time to torque 
  • Time to stop 
  • 10 working memories
  • Customizable option (Speeds)
  • Programmable: Multistep/Ramp 
  • Unit Converter (IS or CGS) 

USB interface 

  • Faster transfer data to the computer 


  • It checks the internal function in order to make the unit ready to use

ViscOsity readings 

  • Absolute viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
  • Apparent viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
  • Kinematic viscosity (cSt, mm2/sec)
    (Density introduced by the user) 

10 working memories 

  • Set up the unit and get it ready to be used every day choosing the memory you need 

Data displayed 

  • Selected Speed 
  • Selected Spindle 
  • Viscosity readings (cP or mPa·s or cSt)
  • Percentage of Full Scale Range (%)
  • Sample Temperature (oC or oF) 
  • Shear rate (with coaxial spindles) (s-1)
  • Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) (N/m2)
  • Density (introduced by the user) (g/cm3) 

Universal adapter 

  • All accessories such as Brookfield (Optional) 

Datalogger software included 

  • USB allows data transfer to a Excel format


  • AISI 316 stainless steel spindles, easily identified by number and letter when changed according to range of viscosity. 

These are the standards our units follow: 
BS: 6075, 5350 , ISO: 2555, 1652 , ASTM: 115, 789, 1076, 1084, 1286, 1417, 1439, 1638, 1824, 2196, 2336, 2364, 2393, 2556, 2669, 2849, 2983, 2994, 3232, 3236, 3716



  • ± 1% of full scale


  • With low viscosity adapter: 0.01
  • For lower than 10.000 viscosity cP: 0.1
  • For viscosity equal to or above 10.000 cP: 1

Repeatability: 0.2%

Thermometer features: 

Temperature margins: 0ºC to +100ºC (32ºF to 212.0ºF)
Resolution: 0.1ºC / 0.1722ºF
Precision: +/- 0.1 ºC
Type of probe: PT100

Supplied at 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Software: Fungilab Data Boss

The Fungilab Data Boss software complies the FDA 21CFR PART 11 regulation

Standard Delivery

Viscometer head with serial number / Stand, 3 levelling adjustment for stand / Boss head / Standard spindles / Spindle protector / Spindle rack / PT100 probe / Power supply cable / Datalogger software in CD / USB cable / Carrying case / Calibration Certificate / Operating manual

NOTE: All parts (including the viscometer stand) find room in the Carrying case.

* The minimum measurement when using model “L” standard spindle is 10 cP. For measurements < 10 cP, we recomend to use the low viscosity adapter (LCP or LCP/B)


  • APM
    (Small Sample Adapter)
  • LCP

       (Low Viscosity Adapters)

  • Heldal unit

       (High Viscosity Adapter)

  • Silicon Standard Oils
  • Thermostatic Bath
  • Universal adapter
    for all accesories such as Brookfield (Optional)
  • PPR
    Plugging System (Optional)

Note: All parts (including the viscometres stand) find room in the Carrying case.

 Read more:

Rotational Viscometer Viscolead PRO.pdf


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